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Tony Baker

Forward Momentum

Thanks for stopping by my website! I'm really glad you're here. I hope you'll find it a cool place to visit and maybe even get a little inspiration.

I've put a lot of heart into this place, so I hope it shows. It's meant to be a real reflection of who I am and the stuff that's important to me.

Feel free to look around and get to know me a bit better. I'm all about sharing the journey and hopefully sparking something awesome in you, too.

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Tony Baker

Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration.

Check out the different sections to learn about my career highlights, expertise, and projects. Whether you're a potential collaborator, employer, or just curious, you'll get a good overview of what I'm all about.

I've got some cool updates and changes coming in 2024, so stay tuned for that! I'm pumped to make this place even better for you.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you find it informative and inspiring. If you want to connect or collaborate, hit me up. Let's grow and succeed together!

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Qualifications Summary

  • Good at analytics and planning private events to make sure everything runs smoothly and people have a great time.​

  • Skilled at writing contracts that protect everyone involved and help us build good partnerships.

  • Worked with data and statistics, using tools like Google Analytics, website analytics, and Facebook Insights to make smart decisions.

  • Excellent at building and keeping strong customer relationships, making sure people are happy and loyal.

  • Exceptional experience in keeping customers happy and coming back for more, using different strategies to boost satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Good at managing databases, using advanced techniques to organize and analyze data effectively.

  • When it comes to customer service, I'm all about delivering personalized experiences and going above and beyond.

  • Knowledgeable about hotel management, including operations, guest services, revenue management, and leading teams.

  • Skilled in inventory control, using best practices to manage stock levels and keep costs down.

  • Understanding in invoicing and payment reconciliation, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in financial transactions.

  • Extensive experience in restaurant startup and jumpstart initiatives, providing strategic guidance and operational support to ensure successful launches.

  • Proficient in sales and marketing techniques, leveraging market insights to develop effective strategies that drive revenue growth and market penetration.

  • Well-versed in social media platform marketing, harnessing the power of various social media channels to engage audiences, build brand awareness, and drive customer acquisition.

  • Proficient in GPS mapping, conducting thorough research and editing to ensure accurate and up-to-date mapping data.

  • Skilled in account research, specializing in investigating fraud, waste, and abuse allegations to protect organizational resources and promote financial integrity.

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  • Hotel Contessa Manager of the Quarter – 4th Quarter 2015

  • Tony Baker “The Book” – Retirement Peruses commemorative book created by Paesanos Restaurant Group - 2012

  • 1st Catering Manager with the highest catering event revenue sold at all three Riverwalk locations - 2009

  • Certificate of Appreciation Award from the Department of Defense - May 2009

  • San Antonio Business Journals Highest Yearly Catering Sales and Revenue 2008

  • San Antonio Business Journals Highest Yearly Catering Sales and Revenue 2007

  • San Antonio Business Journals Highest Yearly Catering Sales and Revenue 2006

  • “Whose Wedding is it Anyway” Television Series Season 3 Episode 5 – 06/27/2005

  • Published in San Antonio Business Journal:  CLICK LINK ---->

  • Published Article Wedding Reception event in San Antonio Wedding Guide

  • Hyatt Sprit Team Member 4 occasions

  • Hyatt Regency Gold Key Recipient 9 occasions

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Here I am!!

Lots of things have been happening in my world including a move to Austin, TX. Finally have been able to work on updating my website. ...

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